Association Manager Contact Changes

Please note that contact information for your Association Manager has changed.

The new information is as follows:

Park Place Condominium Association
Attn:  Frances Marin - Association Manager
1200 I Street, OFFICE
Anchorage, AK 99501


Phone: 907-677-9445
Fax:   888-400-6189



PPCA BOARD Meeting - July 31st, 2013

Please note that we have a PPCA Board Meeting scheduled for July 31, 2013.  It will be held in the 4th floor conference room located in the North Building.  Meeting begins promptly at 6:30, all Owners are encouraged to attend.

Adopt a Planter!

Interested in getting your hands a little dirty this summer?  Feeling the need to commune a bit with nature? Do you just really like flowers?  Want to flex that green thumb?  We have nine planters in the courtyard that could use your help.  PPCA will provide up to $50 for materials, and you would be responsible for planting, maintenance and fall clean up.  Please call Frances at 343-8911 if you are interested.


At Park Place Condominiums we are one of the few properties in Anchorage to have secure, covered and heated parking for all who live here.  At the annual meeting held in October, we were reminded by the Board to be on the lookout and to report anything suspicious that you see.  A few common-sense reminders for us all:

  • Make sure doors shut and lock behind you
  • Be sure the Garage Door goes down after you drive through
  • Don't let anyone inside if you don't personally know them
  • Don't override locks, always bring your key!
  • Stay informed!  Visiting this website helps you do that

Please help keep our common areas clean for everyone to enjoy!

Here are two items where we need your help:

CARTS:  Please be sure that the items you put in the carts are in a sealed bag -- without leaks!  If you happen to spill something in a cart or one of your bags accidently leaks, let us know or put a sign on the cart so others don't get their items ruined.  Call Kathy at 564-8272 -- be sure to leave a message so maintenance can be notified.

GARBAGE: Please break down your boxes.


Construction Update as of August 15, 2011

Courtyard Railing

90% of the courtyard railing has been installed on the East and West end of the courtyard.  We are currently finishing touch up painting on the brackets and bolting.  Our fence fabricator Allied Steel will come onsite next week for final measurements on the remaining north ends of both the East and West railings to ensure proper fit.

601/701 Exterior Finish / Lobby / Mailroom

Decks are now 95% complete.  We will install the MOA required cable raining next week.  J&V Drywall has finished the caulking, and was working on final color touch-up today.  Scaffold should come down this weekend.  The first of next week we will provide the snorkel lift needed to stucco/caulk the remaining west side of the entry way.

 Lobby/Entry -- Mudding/texture and primer painting was completed in both areas, next week the first and second color coats will be applied.

 Renovate Common Areas

 8th floor -- Electrical is 95% complete; Mechanical/Plumbing is 95%-only new grill installation remaining.  Flooring installation 80% complete.  We are protecting the new carpet tiles with the sticky plastic as was done in the North Building; however, we ask all to be cognizant they're walking on new carpeting and they check their shoes before proceeding over areas not yet protected.


7th floor -- Wall preparation/primer and texturing completed, 1st and 2nd coat of color paint complete (touch-up to occur once all trades demob).  Ceiling grid and new lighting fixture install has begun and is 60% complete to be following by flooring demo, ceramic tile, and wall covering installation within next week.


Additional projects: North Building Trash Room Ventilation -- MOA permit is in hand.  Mechanical materials have been ordered and should be available within the next week or so.  I will advise how soon our Mechanical Subcontractor will be onsite to begin their work.

Notices on House Rules

Management is sending out notices when house rules have been violated.  We are noticing a few consistent rules that are being abused and would like to bring them to your attention.  A list has been mailed with your monthly bill.

As a reminder, everyone received a copy of the House Rules with their Resale Certificated documents, but you can review the entire list of House Rules by downloading a copy from our File Library as a PDF file.  

Interested in serving on the Board?

If you are interested in serving as a member of the 2012 Park Place Board of Directors please contact Kathy Mincks at (907) 564-8272 or send an email to or notify by mail at 

3705 Arctic Blvd #418, Anchorage, AK 99503

New Maintenance Policy

Please remember to call Kathy Mincks at (907) 564-8272 with any association related maintenance issue.

Justin with Bruin Enterprises, Inc. is on-site Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 2pm to assist with these issues.

The after hours emergency phone number is (907) 748-4946.

Mediation Summary

Park Place Condominium Association

To: Park Place Owners

From: Park Place Board of Directors 

Date: March 4, 2011

Subject: Mediated Settlement of Park Place v. Fireman's Fund, et al.Lawsuit

Late last week, at the conclusion of a full day's mediation in the matter, the Association and Fireman's Fund, CHI and Tim Verrett settled their differences.  A summary by Mark Sandberg, one of the attorneys for the Association, follows.

1. Fireman's Fund, CHI and Verrett have agreed to settle for a total grossamount of $2,175,000. This will be $1,025,000 from Fireman's Fund, $1,000,000 from CHI (the insurance broker) and $150,000 from Tim Verrett (the lawyer).

 2. While I cannot accurately tell you at this time the amount of litigation costs for which the lawyers are entitled to be reimbursed, I estimate that it will not exceed $75,000, since we were reimbursed in full as of last August (2010) when the funds from the Directors and Officers insurer were received. As a result, we are only talking about litigation costs incurred since last summer.

 3. After repaying those litigation costs, I estimate the net recovery before payment of attorney fees and payment to Adjusters International (the Association's public adjuster) is $2,100,000.

 4. The amount of money owed to the lawyers and Adjusters International is 1/3 of the recovery.  I estimate this equates to $700,000.

 5. That would leave a net to the Association, after all costs and fees (including those to AI), of $1,400,000. This is what I estimate the Association will receive in roughly 30 days. If expenses of litigation are less than the $75,000 I have estimated, then the amount that the Association will receive will be slightly higher. However, for planning purposes, $1,400,000 is a pretty good number.

Mark Sandberg


Additional News

The Board has reviewed and approved Dokoozian's bid for interior renovations in the South Tower. Work will begin as soon as possible (approximately early to mid May). Dokoozian was also asked for bids on other areas of the South Tower and the courtyard, for the Board's review in April. 

The Board will review disposition of settlement moneys once costs are known and funds are received.

South Building Improvements

If you live in the south building, we can use your help! Meetings are getting underway to discuss improvements to the south building. There is a time commitment, although the meetings won't be as extensive as our rebuilding meetings for the north building. With that in mind, if you are willing to volunteer some of your time, your valued input would be appreciated to help steer the committee!

Code-Compliant Appliances

Many appliances are arriving that are NOT code compliant and cannot be installed!

The Contractor and our Project Manager have notified the rebuilding committee that they cannot install any appliance that is not to code. The problem is fairly complex and the solution requires every unit owner to personally get involved and purchase the appropriate appliances for their unit.

Contact the Property Manager for instructions on the appropriate Duct Length and the number of 90 degree bends in the ducting from your unit to the vent.

Need Clarification on that last paragraph? Simply put, the ducting from your unit goes through the walls and where necessary, it makes bends as it weaves it's way towards the fresh air vent. Most household installations have one, two or three bends. Some of our units have many more bends. The result is a situation where a manufacturers published charts on what is acceptable run out of "bends."

More Simplified: you need to get the details for your individual unit. Then take that information to a professional, knowledgeable salesperson and investigate your purchase completely to ensure it can meet all code requirements before you make payment.

Currently, our Design/Build Team is working to provide a list of acceptable units available in Anchorage. Until that list is complete, please follow the above guidance.

Park Place Web Page - 2.0

Someone has put together a web page for the Park Place Condominium Association... and you are on it. This is a trial but please look it over and provide your feedback.

Here is the goal: provide access to information. This is not an "online forum" and isn't meant to open discussions. Instead, think of this web page as a one-way-street for the Association to communicate with the owners. The way for you to communicate back to the Association is through the Property Manager or directly to the Board.

The Association currently communicates with the owners through meetings of the Executive Board, by posting bulletins, by mailing individual members, and through a hotline established after the fire. In addition to these methods, we can also use the web and email.

This web page is an example of how we can use the web.

Testing a New Host

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This is my initial post to the site to see that things are working.