Construction Update as of August 15, 2011

Courtyard Railing

90% of the courtyard railing has been installed on the East and West end of the courtyard.  We are currently finishing touch up painting on the brackets and bolting.  Our fence fabricator Allied Steel will come onsite next week for final measurements on the remaining north ends of both the East and West railings to ensure proper fit.

601/701 Exterior Finish / Lobby / Mailroom

Decks are now 95% complete.  We will install the MOA required cable raining next week.  J&V Drywall has finished the caulking, and was working on final color touch-up today.  Scaffold should come down this weekend.  The first of next week we will provide the snorkel lift needed to stucco/caulk the remaining west side of the entry way.

 Lobby/Entry -- Mudding/texture and primer painting was completed in both areas, next week the first and second color coats will be applied.

 Renovate Common Areas

 8th floor -- Electrical is 95% complete; Mechanical/Plumbing is 95%-only new grill installation remaining.  Flooring installation 80% complete.  We are protecting the new carpet tiles with the sticky plastic as was done in the North Building; however, we ask all to be cognizant they're walking on new carpeting and they check their shoes before proceeding over areas not yet protected.


7th floor -- Wall preparation/primer and texturing completed, 1st and 2nd coat of color paint complete (touch-up to occur once all trades demob).  Ceiling grid and new lighting fixture install has begun and is 60% complete to be following by flooring demo, ceramic tile, and wall covering installation within next week.


Additional projects: North Building Trash Room Ventilation -- MOA permit is in hand.  Mechanical materials have been ordered and should be available within the next week or so.  I will advise how soon our Mechanical Subcontractor will be onsite to begin their work.