Code-Compliant Appliances

Many appliances are arriving that are NOT code compliant and cannot be installed!

The Contractor and our Project Manager have notified the rebuilding committee that they cannot install any appliance that is not to code. The problem is fairly complex and the solution requires every unit owner to personally get involved and purchase the appropriate appliances for their unit.

Contact the Property Manager for instructions on the appropriate Duct Length and the number of 90 degree bends in the ducting from your unit to the vent.

Need Clarification on that last paragraph? Simply put, the ducting from your unit goes through the walls and where necessary, it makes bends as it weaves it's way towards the fresh air vent. Most household installations have one, two or three bends. Some of our units have many more bends. The result is a situation where a manufacturers published charts on what is acceptable run out of "bends."

More Simplified: you need to get the details for your individual unit. Then take that information to a professional, knowledgeable salesperson and investigate your purchase completely to ensure it can meet all code requirements before you make payment.

Currently, our Design/Build Team is working to provide a list of acceptable units available in Anchorage. Until that list is complete, please follow the above guidance.