Winter is Here!! Friendly reminders from the Association

TO: All Park Place Condominium Residents

Winter is here and with it comes the snow, ice, dark, and wind that can lead to unsafe conditions in and around the building.  The Association would like to ask for your cooperation in keeping our Buildings and the surrounding exterior areas easily accessible and safe for all Residents and Visitors!  Here's how you can help:

  • DO be sure that vehicles are moved from exterior parking lots within 24 hours after a snow event!  A well plowed lot is a safe lot with minimum ice build up and will lead to fewer slip and falls and accidents.  Snow Removal work is done between the hours of 7am and 11pm. Plan accordingly. DO NOT use exterior lots for vehicle storage. Failure to comply will lead to vehicles being towed at OWNER EXPENSE.
  • DO NOT prop open doors for any reason! Not only does this let in cold and snow, but leaves the Building vulnerable to unwanted visitors.
  • DO keep Thermostats set to "ON" at all times, even if at lower temperatures to avoid frozen base board lines.
  • DO NOT leave boots, shoes, etc. in the hallways.  These can become a tripping hazard and the melting snow can lead to a smelly mess in the hallway we all want to avoid.
  • DO be sure to report icy conditions by entrances, glaciation off the building, burnt out exterior lights or dangerous ice build up hanging off balconies.

Failure to cooperate can lead to unsafe conditions, and when against the Rules can lead to vehicles being towed and fines as high as $500. So let's work together to keep Park Place CLEAN, SAFE & WINTER FRIENDLY!