Recent Changes at Inlet Tower

This is an update of the recent changes at Inlet Tower regarding a loan with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.  That loan provides that Inlet Tower will no longer be a commercial hotel but instead a multi-family apartment complex with a mix of low-income, affordable, and market rate units.  The restaurant and bar will have to be restricted to Inlet Tower residents after December 31, 2012 due to AHFC Statutes.  AHFC will be working with the State legislature this session to obtain amendments to the current law so that the restaurant and bar may be reopened to the public and not restricted to just Inlet Tower residents.

The following is an agenda for the next South Addition Community Council meeting at which Bob Gross one of the owners at Inlet Towers will be presenting information on the changes proposed for Inlet Towers.  If you may have questions or an interest in this issue this meeting would be a great opportunity to learn more. 


SACC -- South Addition Community Council

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 7 PM 

Anchorage Pioneers’ Home, 5th floor – the room left from the elevator


I.  Call to Order 

A. Changes or Additions to Agenda 

B. Approval of October 18, 2012 Meeting Minutes – the minutes are posted on the SACC page at 

II.  Reports

A. President – Bonnie Harris  

B. Treasurer – Melanie San Angelo

C.   Police   

D.   Assembly – Patrick Flynn 

C. Legislature 

D. Federation of Community Councils (FCC) 

III. Council Business (presentation 5-7 minutes each)

A. Inlet Towers - Owner Bob Gross presentation on current operation as apartments, with 37 of 182 units to be low-income and 54 at fair market rent. 

B. Title 21 Update - Title 21 rewrite as provisionally adopted by Assembly was in 2010, where it stands now, what community members can do to advocate for Title 21 issues important for their area - Citizen’s Coalition Title 21.

C. SWS Curbside Trash Pick-up - subcommittee update - Gene Storm

D. Police - APDEA Resolution to support MOA 2013 “B” budget which calls for a police academy and eliminates police department layoffs.

V.  Community Comments (3 minutes each)

VI.  Adjourn.   

Next Executive Committee Meeting, Thursday, December 6st – 6 pm

Next General Membership Meeting, Thursday, December 20 – 7 pm

Vice President – Lanie Fleischer 

Treasurer – Melanie San Angelo

Members-at-large – Cathleen Hahn, Kathy Weeks, Albert Whitehead