South Addition Neighborhood Alert

The following message was posted by a neighbor to our surrounding neighborhood. The incident reported did not occur at Park Place but is provided as a precaution to all residents to be aware. At Park Place you are reminded to ensure the garage door closes behind you, that you keep entry ways secure, and that you stay aware of those around you. REPORT any suspicious activity, call the Police in an emergency!

Below is the report from a neighbor:

Good morning neighbors ~

Yesterday morning (Thursday) I had a man on my deck looking into my windows. He had walked up my drive from the alley & was looking in windows & trying the doors. I cracked a window & asked him what he was doing & told him to get off my property ~ he tried to tell me he was with the census bureau however he had no clip board, information, etc with him & when I said I was calling APD he left. He walked down 12th & got into a big green chevy truck & then drove around the block slowly a couple of times.

APD did arrive after he drove away & the officer said he would cruise through the hood & look for this man. Here's a description: about 5'7" tall, white, older man with white long hair ~ very disarrayed. Glasses. He had baggy jeans on & a blue shirt with an open zipped jacket. He did not look professional, clean or like he worked for a government agency.

This was very scary! My concern is that this type of activity always happens on a Tuesday or Thursday when the food bank on E & 13th is operating. On food bank days, here's a lot of people walking up & down the alleys going through trash & checking car doors. I make it a point to be home if I'm able & have my camera handy to take photos.

Please be vigilant & safe! Tamara